I Can't Miss

Clint Barton is best known for his archery. He is a master with a bow and arrow. He can shoot his arrows into the muzzle of a gun, shoot them directly on top of one another in the so called 'Robin Hood' shot. He can fire multiple arrows at a time and even hit multiple targets with a single shot. He is best known for his distance shots which give him his name. He also isn't limited to one type of bow. While he prefers his traditional bow he also has incredible accuracy with long bows, compound bows, and even crossbows. As the skill he is best known for he practices several hours each day to keep it sharp.

What makes Clint's archery unlike any other is his arrows. He developed a series of handmade trick arrows during his time in the circus and only increased that collection after becoming an Avenger. The list includes net arrows, bola arrows, and putty arrows to stop or disarm criminals. Plus suction tip arrows, cable arrows, tear gas arrows, flare arrows, and smoke bomb arrows to help him get out of tricky situations. He rounds out with his most dangerous arrows including acid arrows, sonic arrows, cable arrows, rocket arrows, electro-arrows, and boomerang arrows. He even devised a special quiver to hold them at different levels so he always knows what he's grabbing in battle.

Clint's marksmanship is not limited to a bow and arrows however. He was trained for all sorts of ranged combat tricks when he was at the circus. From throwing knives, to balls, bolas, and even boomerangs his aim and precision is always spot on. Even in close quarters Clint is still a dangerous foe. He learned his way around a sword from swordsman. His ex-wife Bobbi taught him to use her battle staves. He also picked up a talent for nunchukus and hand to hand combat which has even been complimented by Iron Fist. Most notable of his combat achievements is his ability to wield Captain America's shield. It's a skill that even many super powered heroes struggle with and Clint is one of two heroes (the other being Sam Wilson) who are able to use it without some sort of super-human enhancement.

Clint is also a skilled tactician and leader when he doesn't allow himself to be ruled by his emotions. He has successfully lead the Thunderbolts, the Secret Avengers, the West Coast Avengers and for a time was even elected to lead the New Avengers, although this was a lot less successful than some of his other roles.

Finally Clint is trilingual. His continuing struggle with his hearing has left him partially or totally deaf for a good portion of his life as a hero. Because of this, Clint is fluent in American Sign Language though he only uses it with people who also speak it. Usually he relies on lip reading while on missions. He is also fluent in English and Italian.